Exercise BALTOPS 2009

The largest military exercise in and over the Baltic Sea, Baltic Operations (BALTOPS), started today and takes place until June 19. Frequencies in use are:

2.2732 MHz
2.623 MHz
4.1525 MHz
5.099 MHz
5.1025 MHz (main channel)
6.730 MHz
6.7772 MHz
10.1925 MHz
12.178 MHz
16.129 MHz

The exercise is conducted over international waters, over the island of Bornholm and partly within the Swedish mainland. Affected FIRs are Copenhagen, Bremen, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Vilnius and Sweden. Flight operations in the area are carried out in accordance with VFR up to FL 195.

Exercise areas:

AREA A (Ground to FL195):

543000N 0155000E-543000N 0154000E-543702N 0141906E545000N 0134000E-551200N 0134000E-553000N 0144500E553000N 0151500E-560000N 0170000E-560000N 0183000E550500N 0183000E-550500N 0162000E-545000N 0155000E543000N 0155000E

AREA B (Ground to FL 95):

562100N 0150734E-561332N 0150552E-560716N 0150654E560617N 0151955E-561208N 0152453E-562016N 0153755E561000N 0163000E-560000N 0170000E-553000N 0151500E553000N 0144500E-553000N 0143000E-554350N 0140830E555438N 0141600E-560730N 0141435E-561255N 0142349E562100N 0150734E

AREA C (Ground to FL 100):

545000N 0134000E-545000N 0132000E-544000N 0125000E544000N 0123000E-550000N 0124000E-551000N 0131000E551200N 0134000E-54500N 0134000E

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