May 1st riots in Berlin and Hannover, Germany

In Berlin, a drunk and aggressive group of 200 people to confront the police. There were bottles and stones thrown. 29 officers were injured. Further, a Ford Mondeo burned down in the Kreuzberg district last night.

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A huge demonstration of right extremists in Hannover is prohibited. The city is afraid of riots. The demonstration would have drawn some 1,000 participants. At a demonstration of the left wingers, some 10,000 people are expected.


Since the german police is still using analogue radios, everyone can still listen. The channels assigned for these large-scale operations are:

427 (85.615 MHz) in Berlin
444 (85.955 MHz) in Berlin
424 (85.555 MHz) in Hannover
228 (172.700 MHz) in Hannover

The network is offering about 50 receivers world-wide, also one in Berlin and two in Hannover. ;-)

With a bunch of friends, I will go to Hannover and post some pictures in a couple of hours. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Back at home. Here are the promised pics.





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