STS-127 launch scrubbed

NASA - Space Shuttle: "Hydrogen Leak Prevents STS-127 Launch
Wed, 17 Jun 2009 10:03:28 AM GMT+0200

Space shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 launch today was officially scrubbed at 1:55 a.m. EDT when a gaseous hydrogen leak at the Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate occurred. This is the same location where a similar leak resulted in a launch scrub on June 13. Vent valve troubleshooting took place for about an hour before it became clear the problem could not be solved.

'We're going to step back and figure out what the problem is and go fix it,' said Deputy Space Shuttle Program Manager LeRoy Cain during a briefing afterward. 'Once we get it fixed, and we're confident that we have a solution that's going to work and allow us to go fly safely, then we'll proceed forward.'

Endeavour's next launch attempt for its STS-127 mission is targeted for July 11 at 7:39 p.m. EDT. (2339z)"

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