29JUN09: SKYKING msg by Andrews on 11.175

Andrews broadcasted the SKYKING message "POF" at 0727 with authentication AV on 11.175 MHz today. Since it's been too short I wasn't able to check the other common HF-GCS frequencies as well.

While typing this blog post, Andrews also broadcasted several EAMs:


At least the EAMs were simulcasted at these frequencies:
4724 kHz/USB
6739 kHz/USB
8992 kHz/USB
11175 kHz/USB
13200 kHz/USB
15016 kHz/USB

NOAA-18 & 19 swapped APT frequencies

Yesterday between 1800z and 1900z, the two spacecrafts NOAA-18 and NOAA-19 changed their APT frequencies. NOAA-19 is now the PM primary bird. The new frequencies are as follows:

NOAA-18: 137.9125 MHz
NOAA-19: 137.1000 MHz

These satellites can be received on several nodes of globaltuners.com.

Squat Tempelhof - riots in Berlin

1000s of people are trying to squat the former Tempelhof airport in Berlin, Germany. A blog and a ticker are available. Twitter is used, too.

The Berlin PD is using channel 427 (85.615 MHz) for their comms.

GPS Satellite Glitches Fuel Concern on Next Generation - WSJ.com

GPS Satellite Glitches Fuel Concern on Next Generation - WSJ.com: "Technical problems are degrading the accuracy of signals from the last GPS satellite launched by the Pentagon, sparking concerns among U.S. military and aerospace industry officials that the next generation of the widely used satellites could face similar troubles."

GPS is using these downlink frequencies:
1227.6 MHz
1381.05 MHz
1575.42 MHz
2227.5 MHz

STS-127 launch scrubbed

NASA - Space Shuttle: "Hydrogen Leak Prevents STS-127 Launch
Wed, 17 Jun 2009 10:03:28 AM GMT+0200

Space shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 launch today was officially scrubbed at 1:55 a.m. EDT when a gaseous hydrogen leak at the Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate occurred. This is the same location where a similar leak resulted in a launch scrub on June 13. Vent valve troubleshooting took place for about an hour before it became clear the problem could not be solved.

'We're going to step back and figure out what the problem is and go fix it,' said Deputy Space Shuttle Program Manager LeRoy Cain during a briefing afterward. 'Once we get it fixed, and we're confident that we have a solution that's going to work and allow us to go fly safely, then we'll proceed forward.'

Endeavour's next launch attempt for its STS-127 mission is targeted for July 11 at 7:39 p.m. EDT. (2339z)"

STS-127 to launch on June 17

NASA - Space Shuttle: "Space Shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 Launch Set for June 17
Mon, 15 Jun 2009 07:27:47 PM GMT+0200

NASA managers have scheduled the next launch attempt of space shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 mission for 5:40 a.m. EDT (0940z) on Wednesday, June 17.

Endeavour's planned June 13 liftoff was postponed because of a leak associated with the gaseous hydrogen venting system outside the shuttle's external fuel tank. The system is used to carry excess hydrogen safely away from the launch pad.

As a result, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, and Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, are set to lift off together aboard an Atlas V rocket on Thursday, June 18. That launch was moved to June 18 to accommodate Endeavour's June 17 liftoff."

Interesting frequencies for this event:
5711 kHz/USB
10780 kHz/USB
259.7 MHz/NFM (post-launch)
261.575 MHz/NFM
261.700 MHz/NFM (also active prior to launch)
261.875 MHz/NFM

STS-127 to launch on saturday - scrubbed

Today, 261.700 MHz is up with comm checks of Herkey 251, Herkey 252, Wolfden and Cape Osbourne. It might be worth checking this frequency during the next couple of days.

The launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for 0717am EDT (1117 UTC) on saturday, June 13.

Update (June 13): Todays launch was scrubbed due to a hydrogen leak.

Exercise BALTOPS 2009

The largest military exercise in and over the Baltic Sea, Baltic Operations (BALTOPS), started today and takes place until June 19. Frequencies in use are:

2.2732 MHz
2.623 MHz
4.1525 MHz
5.099 MHz
5.1025 MHz (main channel)
6.730 MHz
6.7772 MHz
10.1925 MHz
12.178 MHz
16.129 MHz

The exercise is conducted over international waters, over the island of Bornholm and partly within the Swedish mainland. Affected FIRs are Copenhagen, Bremen, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Vilnius and Sweden. Flight operations in the area are carried out in accordance with VFR up to FL 195.

Exercise areas:

AREA A (Ground to FL195):

543000N 0155000E-543000N 0154000E-543702N 0141906E545000N 0134000E-551200N 0134000E-553000N 0144500E553000N 0151500E-560000N 0170000E-560000N 0183000E550500N 0183000E-550500N 0162000E-545000N 0155000E543000N 0155000E

AREA B (Ground to FL 95):

562100N 0150734E-561332N 0150552E-560716N 0150654E560617N 0151955E-561208N 0152453E-562016N 0153755E561000N 0163000E-560000N 0170000E-553000N 0151500E553000N 0144500E-553000N 0143000E-554350N 0140830E555438N 0141600E-560730N 0141435E-561255N 0142349E562100N 0150734E

AREA C (Ground to FL 100):

545000N 0134000E-545000N 0132000E-544000N 0125000E544000N 0123000E-550000N 0124000E-551000N 0131000E551200N 0134000E-54500N 0134000E

Dutch 70cm Repeaters

In addition to my previous post about the dutch 2m repeaters, here's a list of the 70cm amateur radio repeaters in the Netherlands:

Downlink (MHz)LocationCallsign
430.012500 JO21PU PI2GDM
430.025000 JO20WX PI2ZLB
430.025000 JO22WW PI2HVN
430.037500 JO21BX PI2RWL
430.037500 JO21TP PI2UDN
430.050000 JO22QD PI2AMF
430.050000 JO32GX PI2ASN
430.062500 JO21TH PI2CRA
430.062500 JO22KH PI2ANP
430.075000 JO11SL PI2VLI
430.075000 JO20UT PI2MST
430.075000 JO22OC PI2ZST
430.075000 JO32CQ PI2MEP
430.087500 JO22KA PI2ODW
430.087500 JO22SB PI2RAZ
430.100000 JO21RK PI2EHV
430.100000 JO23VE PI2FRL
430.125000 JO22OF PI2NOS
430.150000 JO22XF PI2APD
430.150000 JO33FF PI2GRO
430.162500 JO21UT PI2NYM
430.175000 JO21IT PI2DEC
430.175000 JO22HK PI2YDN
430.175000 JO22XN PI2KMP
430.200000 JO21XR PI2NLB
430.200000 JO22KH PI2ASD
430.212500 JO21DL PI2BOZ
430.212500 JO23RE PI2WAD
430.225000 JO22FE PI2LDN
430.225000 JO32IC PI2TWE
430.237500 JO21OR PI2SHB
430.250000 JO22HK PI2RGK
430.262500 JO22IA PI2SWK
430.262500 JO22WJ PI2NOV
430.275000 JO21WX PI2ANH
430.275000 JO33MD PI2WSN
430.287500 JO21PI PI2KAR
430.287500 JO22RN PI2FLD
430.300000 JO21FV PI2RTD
430.325000 JO21KR PI2AMR
430.325000 JO22JL PI2ZAZ
430.325000 JO32CD PI2ZUT
430.325000 JO33KH PI2DZL
430.350000 JO31BH PI2RNL
430.362500 JO22NB PI2SRU
430.362500 JO22OF PI2FYM
430.362500 JO23VE PI2LWD
430.362500 JO31AE PI2RMD
430.362500 JO32CG PI2DEV
430.375000 JO21MQ PI2BOR
430.375000 JO21SS PI2OSS
430.375000 JO21UF PI2WRT
430.375000 JO22IP PI2ALK

Any additions/corrections/whatever?

Dutch 2m Repeaters

This is a list of the 2m amateur radio repeaters in the Netherlands. There is another post regarding the dutch 70cm repeaters as well.

Downlink (MHz)LocationCallsign
145.600000 JO11VI PI3ZVL
145.600000 JO22IP PI3ALK
145.600000 JO32IC PI3TWE
145.612500 JO21FV PI3RTD
145.612500 JO31BH PI3RNL
145.612500 JO33KH PI3APM
145.625000 JO32KS PI3ZOD
145.637500 JO22KH PI3ASD
145.637500 JO23VE PI3FRL
145.637500 JO32CD PI3ZUT
145.650000 JO21KR PI3AMR
145.650000 JO32CQ PI3MEP
145.662500 JO22JK PI3ZDM
145.675000 JO22WJ PI3NOV
145.687500 JO21DL PI3BOZ
145.687500 JO31EW PI3DTC
145.700000 JO21RJ PI3EHV
145.700000 JO22WW PI3HVN
145.712500 JO22JL PI3ZAZ
145.725000 JO11XP PI3GOE
145.725000 JO20WX PI3ZLB
145.725000 JO22XF PI3APD
145.725000 JO23OI PI3WAD
145.737500 JO22RM PI3FLD
145.750000 JO21WS PI3NYM
145.750000 JO33FF PI3GRN
145.775000 JO22HK PI3YDN
145.787500 JO11TL PI3VLI
145.787500 JO22QD PI3AMF

Any additions/corrections/whatever?