GAF Air Transport Command - DHM91

The Air Transport Command (german: Lufttransportkommando, LTKdo) of the German Air Force is operating an HF network with DHM91 in Milte being the net control
station. Other stations on this net are
DHO23 in Landsberg, DHO32 in Wunstorf and DHO60 in Hohn.

A 3107 kHz
B 3143 kHz
C 3903 kHz
D 4721 kHz
E 5687 kHz (primary)
F 5717 kHz
G 6700 kHz
H 6715 kHz
I 6730 kHz (no longer used)
J 6751 kHz
K 8965 kHz
L 9025 kHz
M 11217 kHz
N 11265 kHz
O 13203 kHz
P 13233 kHz
Q 15073 kHz
R 17973 kHz
S 17991 kHz
T 18012 kHz
U 23201 kHz
V 23215 kHz
W 23255 kHz
X 23318 kHz
Y 23341 kHz
Z 23345 kHz
AB 29724 kHz

Services provided by this net include phone patches, SELCAL checks and
weather reports. Departure and arrival times of GAF flights are also
reported on this net.

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