HF/VHF/UHF Log of 2010-09-03

These frequencies were logged by one or more of the admins of the Global Frequency Database, available at http://qrg.globaltuners.com/

All times in UTC, frequencies in kHz

2010-09-03 16:03:38 by norave 10255.00
USB Vietnam unknown number station, daily at about 1600z
more information: http://bit.ly/ck2Rzd

2010-09-03 17:08:55 by norave 262200.0
NFM 23.3W UFO-7 milsat/pirates
more information: http://bit.ly/c316ch

2010-09-03 17:16:52 by norave 439550.0
more information: http://bit.ly/aYp7U9

2010-09-03 17:43:48 by norave 120225.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR EIDE Sector, ex QRG 136.255
more information: http://bit.ly/bBA2EU

2010-09-03 19:11:31 by norave 136675.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR Hamburg Sector, east, ex QRG 124.225
more information: http://bit.ly/bnnakb

2010-09-03 19:12:14 by norave 136480.0
AM Rhein EDUU, Germany RADAR NTM TE Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/duLTPo

2010-09-03 19:13:53 by norave 136050.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR Mark Sector / linked to 396.975
more information: http://bit.ly/cEznsC

2010-09-03 19:15:30 by norave 124175.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR Mueritz Sector / linked to 363.575
more information: http://bit.ly/coLPNf

2010-09-03 19:15:41 by norave 136450.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR Berlin, South, FLG Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/duPSsU

2010-09-03 19:16:24 by norave 132865.0
AM Maastricht EBUR EDVV EHAA, Netherlands RADAR Hamburg High Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/bqlckN

2010-09-03 19:20:12 by norave 135490.0
AM Maastricht EBUR EDVV EHAA, Netherlands RADAR Ruhr High Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/aD2ybX

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