Launch of STS-132: Last flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis

My friend Nils of the #hearsat gang provided the following information:

For Friday the 14th May 2010 STS-132: Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to be launched to the International Space Station, for the last time.. :(

UHF-SATCOM has been quite busy the last two days with the usual round of units, including Herky 678/679, Wolfden, Cape and Angel 1 and 2 yesterday already, doing radio checks etc.

Frequency in use again is 261.575 MHz from Fltsatcom 8; 16°W.

Today both Herkys (TAL C-130 rescue planes) headed to the TAL-Sites as usual two days prior to launch. Herky 678 departed Istress AFB around 12:30Z heading to TAL-Site Zaragoza AFB in Spain. Likely Herky 679 has now landed there also. Good comms through out the afternoon between DoD Cape (Cape Osbourne), Wolfden and Herky 678 and Herky 679.

There are only three Space Shuttle launches (including this one) left, so only a few chances of following a mission and receiving radio communications!

STS-132 is scheduled to lift off at 18:20 UTC this Friday, weather forecast looks quite good so far.

Launch/Shuttle communications will be followed on #hearsat as every launch.

For those living in Europe, live Nasa-TV coverage during launch/ascent can be received via 10°E Eutelsat W2: 10970 Transponder (Vertical), 4167 Symbol Rate. Minimum dish size is something around 90cm's, depending on transponder strength during launch.


  1. hello

    I would like to monitor the atlantic shuttle what is the frequency i can monitor it on. I am in the UK and i am tracking the movement of the atlantis sts 132.
    Please help

  2. Usually it's 259.7 MHz, but during yesterdays launch, they've switched to S-Band. :( Join us on #hearsat to get the latest information. Here's how to get in touch with the gang: