HF/VHF/UHF Log of 2011-01-13

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All times in UTC, frequencies in kHz

2011-01-13 04:15:27 by ranger 3428.000
USB Riverhead, NY/USA GS-04 HFDL
more information: http://bit.ly/fLX2wf

2011-01-13 12:48:19 by norave 5195.000
CW JO44VQ DRA5 aurora beacon
more information: http://bit.ly/ce7Riw

2011-01-13 12:50:32 by norave 7646.000
Pinneberg / Hamburg, Germany DDH7 DWD, F1B-50-450
more information: http://bit.ly/fW1B7h

2011-01-13 12:51:05 by norave 11253.00
more information: http://bit.ly/cYkIAz

2011-01-13 12:51:19 by norave 11384.00
USB Shannon, Ireland GS-07 HFDL
more information: http://bit.ly/9Jj96w

2011-01-13 12:54:23 by norave 8765.000
USB S1B, P1G Lithuanian Navy, ALE
more information: http://bit.ly/gvpN5p

2011-01-13 12:59:14 by norave 19783.40
Santa Cruz, Bolivia CPK Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/cUSZSJ

2011-01-13 13:03:48 by norave 19708.00
Goeteborg, Sweden SAB/Goeteborg Radio Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/cZgFLb

2011-01-13 13:08:25 by norave 18591.00
La Valleta, Malta 9HD/Malta Radio Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/aot2cF

2011-01-13 13:13:52 by norave 17218.70
USB Halifax, Canada CFH Canadian Forces, STANAG 4285
more information: http://bit.ly/gUXk0s

2011-01-13 13:16:17 by norave 22590.00
Halifax, Canada VCS Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/hrBqaV

2011-01-13 13:20:28 by norave 21949.00
USB Johannesburg, South Africa GS-08 HFDL
more information: http://bit.ly/fxsHKW

2011-01-13 13:23:20 by norave 13270.00
USB Gander, NL/Canada Gander Radio VOLMET H+20/H+50
more information: http://bit.ly/bdWeSF

2011-01-13 13:27:16 by norave 16986.00
Lisboa/Lisbon, Portugal CTP NATO (Allied Joint Command Lisbon)
more information: http://bit.ly/h33jXJ

2011-01-13 13:29:34 by norave 16945.00
La Valleta, Malta 9HD/Malta Radio Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/akRGvm

2011-01-13 13:31:39 by norave 16939.00
La Valleta, Malta 9HD/Malta Radio Globe Wireless
more information: http://bit.ly/c4y0uZ

2011-01-13 13:32:26 by norave 16820.00
CW Rome, Italy IAR/Rome Radio
more information: http://bit.ly/h22hm3

2011-01-13 13:33:28 by norave 16331.90
CW Archangelsk, Russia S Russian Navy, Single Letter Beacon (SLB)
more information: http://bit.ly/hIOnIt

2011-01-13 13:33:37 by norave 16331.70
CW Odessa, Ukraine D Russian Navy, Single Letter Beacon (SLB)
more information: http://bit.ly/g6EraC

2011-01-13 13:35:31 by norave 16122.30
USB Cutler, ME/USA NAA U.S. Navy, fleet broadcast
more information: http://bit.ly/eInSUx

2011-01-13 13:38:05 by norave 15034.00
USB Trenton, Canada Trenton VOLMET H+20
more information: http://bit.ly/gkJN3d

2011-01-13 13:42:54 by norave 14100.00
more information: http://bit.ly/ffaEWx

2011-01-13 13:43:51 by norave 14100.00
CW KI88MX 5Z4B NCDXF beacon
more information: http://bit.ly/gO1jYU

2011-01-13 13:44:03 by norave 14100.00
CW KM72JB 4X6TU NCDXF beacon
more information: http://bit.ly/gEhjXw

2011-01-13 13:51:00 by norave 6690.000
USB Geilenkirchen ETNG, Germany DHN66 / Magic AWACS secondary
more information: http://bit.ly/gFpyly

2011-01-13 14:13:58 by norave 6693.000
USB Novosibirsk, Russia Novosibirsk VOLMET VOLMET H+10/H+40
more information: http://bit.ly/g3XUls

2011-01-13 14:17:14 by norave 6693.000
USB Samara, Russia RQCI/VOLMET VOLMET H+15/H+45
more information: http://bit.ly/f4ftpN

2011-01-13 14:21:30 by norave 405100.0
NFM Start: Lindenberg, Germany Weather balloon, RS92SGP
more information: http://bit.ly/g55CT6

2011-01-13 14:42:55 by norave 146110.0
NFM Hannover, Germany DBS Krankentransport
more information: http://bit.ly/fYsf9r

2011-01-13 23:15:57 by norave 7811.000
more information: http://bit.ly/h3LfG0

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