HF/VHF/UHF Log of 2011-01-06

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All times in UTC, frequencies in kHz

2011-01-06 13:42:52 by norave 421350.0
NFM Germany Chekker A voice
more information: http://bit.ly/elkOTk

2011-01-06 13:52:55 by norave 421050.0
NFM Germany Chekker A voice
more information: http://bit.ly/ieDMS7

2011-01-06 14:06:45 by norave 420900.0
NFM Germany Chekker A voice
more information: http://bit.ly/eMbLcy

2011-01-06 15:47:11 by norave 421200.0
NFM Germany Chekker A voice
more information: http://bit.ly/gU599O

2011-01-06 15:55:15 by felix 133600.0
AM London, UK CONTROL London FIR, S5 Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/gsF7ea

2011-01-06 15:59:08 by felix 128850.0
AM Southampton, UK EGHI APP
more information: http://bit.ly/fhOPnb

2011-01-06 16:00:33 by felix 128815.0
AM London, UK CONTROL London FIR, ex QRG 135.540
more information: http://bit.ly/hBkmV4

2011-01-06 16:31:28 by norave 6679.000
USB Honolulu, HI/USA KVM70 / Honolulu VOLMET H+25/H+55
more information: http://bit.ly/eHbi0c

2011-01-06 16:34:21 by norave 162550.0
more information: http://bit.ly/eEXug1

2011-01-06 16:58:20 by norave 363.0000
AM Kristianstad, Sweden ESMK OEM
more information: http://bit.ly/dV4dmP

2011-01-06 17:03:20 by norave 132500.0
AM Vero Beach Municipal, FL/USA KVRB ATIS
more information: http://bit.ly/gwrSxa

2011-01-06 17:04:06 by norave 173390.0
NFM Vero Beach, FL/USA Wastewater telemetry
more information: http://bit.ly/bS4NqW

2011-01-06 17:04:27 by norave 218075.0
NFM Vero Beach, FL/USA Wastewater telemetry
more information: http://bit.ly/f19lNV

2011-01-06 17:08:32 by norave 127550.0
AM Thessaloniki Makedonia, Greece LGTS ATIS
more information: http://bit.ly/ee6zRD

2011-01-06 17:12:30 by norave 127500.0
AM Tirana, Albania LAAA RADAR Upper Airspace
more information: http://bit.ly/halcR8

2011-01-06 17:33:11 by norave 432800.0
NFM JO42VH DM0IBM Echolink 450771 / IRLP 5267
more information: http://bit.ly/i7GfDp

2011-01-06 17:46:31 by norave 148230.0
NFM Hannover, Germany Stadtbahn Uestra
more information: http://bit.ly/hMM7PN

2011-01-06 17:48:57 by norave 131325.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR Hannover Sector, HANB Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/ha3O3D

2011-01-06 17:49:08 by norave 148210.0
NFM Hannover, Germany Omnibus Uestra
more information: http://bit.ly/dFZUXy

2011-01-06 17:59:25 by norave 130550.0
AM Hannover-Langenhagen EDDV, Germany OPS/AHS Hanover Dispatch AHS - Aviation Handling Services GmbH
more information: http://bit.ly/goFz8V

2011-01-06 17:59:51 by norave 125850.0
AM Bremen EDWW, Germany RADAR North Sector, HEIE Sector
more information: http://bit.ly/eOiV1F

2011-01-06 19:01:52 by norave 161500.0
NFM Hannover-Anderten, Germany Anderten Schleuse Hindenburg-Schleuse Anderten
more information: http://bit.ly/dFQ7ea

2011-01-06 19:02:02 by norave 161525.0
NFM Bolzum, Germany Bolzum Schleuse
more information: http://bit.ly/e5XGNy

2011-01-06 19:05:53 by norave 131550.0
AM Hannover-Langenhagen EDDV, Germany Lufthansa OPS Lufthansa
more information: http://bit.ly/flRKtn

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