HF/VHF/UHF Log of 2011-01-21

These frequencies were logged by the admins of the Global Frequency Database, available at http://qrg.globaltuners.com/

All times in UTC, frequencies in kHz

2011-01-21 01:05:59 by norave 144423.0
CW JO22WW PI7HVN beacon
more information: http://bit.ly/gLY5uL

2011-01-21 01:09:30 by norave 330.0000
AM Eelde EHGG, Netherlands SO
more information: http://bit.ly/ekDBe1

2011-01-21 01:14:09 by norave 132975.0
AM Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands EHAM ATIS ARR
more information: http://bit.ly/eiyIpH

2011-01-21 01:16:19 by norave 123700.0
AM Amsterdam, Netherlands EHAA RADAR Sector 5 - Noord-West
more information: http://bit.ly/h9VhKO

2011-01-21 01:16:57 by norave 126200.0
AM Amsterdam, Netherlands EHAA VOLMET
more information: http://bit.ly/fTaTbe

2011-01-21 01:25:25 by norave 2899.000
USB Shannon, Ireland Shanwick Aeradio MWARA NAT-B
more information: http://bit.ly/e2lqKK

2011-01-21 14:18:30 by felix 118200.0
AM Southampton, UK EGHI TWR
more information: http://bit.ly/eRkmer

2011-01-21 18:42:41 by norave 2761.000
USB Oostende, Belgium Oostende Radio wx report in dutch 0720 0820 1720
more information: http://bit.ly/ey76fj

2011-01-21 18:43:53 by norave 2834.000
Seahouses, UK DGPS, DeltaFix
more information: http://bit.ly/bv2wNE

2011-01-21 18:49:06 by norave 3087.300
USB Link 11
more information:

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