HF/VHF/UHF Log of 2011-01-23

These frequencies were logged by the admins of the Global Frequency Database, available at http://qrg.globaltuners.com/

All times in UTC, frequencies in kHz

2011-01-23 00:19:23 by norave 120400.0
AM Cleveland, OH/USA KZOB Center
more information: http://bit.ly/em0ssf

2011-01-23 10:08:28 by norave 6679.000
USB Honolulu, HI/USA KVM70 / Honolulu VOLMET H+25/H+55
more information: http://bit.ly/eHbi0c

2011-01-23 10:20:02 by norave 5547.000
USB San Francisco, CA/USA MWARA CEP-2
more information: http://bit.ly/h3eOoF

2011-01-23 10:25:03 by norave 4271.000
USB Halifax, Canada CFH Canadian Forces
more information: http://bit.ly/ifKQmr

2011-01-23 10:48:58 by norave 254.0000
AM Summerside, Canada CYSU 5B
more information:

2011-01-23 11:30:59 by norave 2749.000
USB Halifax, Canada Canadian Coast Guard
more information: http://bit.ly/hlXSIe

2011-01-23 11:44:05 by norave 8418.900
CW Mobile, AL/USA WLO channel marker
more information: http://bit.ly/9WhbGm

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